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Several Questions and Requests

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Hello everybody,

First of all: Would it be possible to run PDN in only one instance, but have several tabs open, as you do in Photoshop oder Gimp?

That would save a lot of work.

Secondly: Maybe someone would fix the Lasso Select Tool.

Once I am zooming in closer to an image, my computer starts lagging, and everything is going a lot slower.

Also, the color of the selection shape isn't really visible on dark images, how about changing it to some bright like silver/white (photoshop) ?

And last but not least:

Why not always keep some space between the image and the border to the buttons and toolbars, and not only when I zoomed out...

It would make selecting and stuff like that a lot easier:


So, thanks a lot for reading this, I'd appreciate some answers. :)

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Yeah it runs on XP.

2. This is the dcurrent method of adding to selection. It is only really fast if it is a perfect rectangle, etc. If it isn't a rectangle, it stores each pixel to memory (I think). Although, I know Rick and Tom are looking into this one, and finding a way to speed it up.

3. Well, I can't say much of what will be done about that, but you can always hide the boxes using shortcut keys F5, F6, F7, and F8.


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Well, the problem is, when I zoom in closely at a picture and I want to select something with the lasso tool, I'll have to zoom out again, otherwise there will be complications like the lasso moving to fast and stuff like that :(

But we'll see what the 3rd version will bring :)

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