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different color vignette or matte?

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im not so good at this stuff, but know a little

i cant for the life of me figure out if there is a way on Paint.net if i can change the color of my vignette from just black.

i want to be a loyal user of Paint.net but I am using another photo editing site called Picnik.com that has LOTS/TONS of really cool easy things to use.

can anyone help so i can edit in one program!!??

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Make a new layer and fill it with the color you want your vignette to be.

Make a selection in the middle of the canvas, then press Delete.


Easy. boltbait.smile.png

i cant find a fade, or blur that is like the one i need. like darker at the edges and less in the middle

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use a radial gradiant on a new transparent layer. in two shades of the color you want your mat to be. I generally find that lighter shade primary and darker shade secondary works best. you may have to try different values of the colors until you get the correct variance for the next step.

cut out the section in the middle in your oval or square shape where you want the picture to show thru completly.

then use crystilize try different settings most times I use default.

then just gaussian blur. set this at fairly low setting maybe less than 10 for sure.

change the transparency as desired on the crystalized and blurred layer so some of the image shows thru the vignette if required.



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