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Youtube BackGround Help....

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i need some help with making a Really nice youtube background.... i know how to make a simple one. but i want to make one with special effects....

For instance....

The Design on the latest monster cans


i like the radiation style... i would like to have this on my youtube page.... on the bottom and have it work its way up the page and fade out.

Or i would like to have a Flame Style. With Lots of detail...

Or even Blood..

Im not sure if u know where im going at. at dark, erie theme. OH! not to forget a STALKER game theme.

Maybe if possible could some one help me create a youtube background like this? or maybe just a guide....

These are the current ones i made.... 1400x1800 and of course i used paint.net !!!!



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http://searchpaint.net/ really is your friend, my friend boltbait.wink.png

Try it with the individual terms: grunge, blood and fire. Especially look for tutorials by clicking the "Refine Search > Tutorial" link.

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