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Drawing Filled Shape with 1px Border

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Can't remember if I posted this before, but it came up the other day and thought I should post it.

I was trying to draw a filled square with a 1px border and this is what I got:


As you can see the border only appeared on the right and bottom edges of the drawn square.

(You should be able to see my rendering options in the screenshot.)

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I've not changed to 3.5.5 version yet. still using the 3.5.4 which permits 1 pixel brush width all around. so its a problem only in latest version.

what happens if you draw a filled shape no outline and then use the outline plugin at 1 pixel? would you be able to continue with this as a work around in your image until there was a code fix?

ciao OMA

PS try aa enabled you may get different outcome. ;)

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