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Blending Pictures

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Hey Lilrichie097.

Welcome to the PDN forum.

It depends on the two pics and what you are trying to accomplish, but ...

Choose the two pics

for simplicity pretend they are 800w x 600h

you will need to create a new canvas (depending on your overlap)

say about 1400w x 600h (gives you a 100 each overlap blend area)

Take the black picture and put it on a layer position it on the left side of the layer.

Take the orange picture and put it on a layer on the right side of the layer.

be sure to overlap the pictures enough..


duplicate one of those layers

position the layers so that it forms a sandwich.

like if you have two black layers there should be an orange in the middle

go ahead and save it now

select your eraser tool

set the brush width of the eraser big enough that you can easily use it.

on your colors pallete click the more tab.

On the bottom right of the colors pallete set the transparency to about 10 or 13

Get ready to blend...

*before you begin be sure to save

*before you begin Be sure you are working on the top layer

again make sure you are on and stay on the top layer

start in the middle working the eraser vertically

Keep rubbing and working up and down your way out in both directions.

It will blend them in. Stay within your 100 overlap area.

You may need to set the transparency really low to finish it off smoothly.

To complete the job save it again

then choose save as and select the file type of jpeg or png and it will be ready to use.


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