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HI , Im new To the Forum as of today.I have had the paint.net For a little bit and Im Hoping Im Doing alright.

Here are A few of my pictures, If Anyone Can give me some Pointers ...

Please, Do tell. Please & Thank you.


fireCherBearsPokernight.jpgPoker Night -- In the Matrix


Believe it or not i just kinda stumbled on this one, i was playing with a picture of someone on my computer And this is what ir turned into.

CherBearsFire.jpgCherBear on Fire

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hi, ive just had alook at your pictures- think they are relly good. only got the 'paint' myself a couple of weeks ago, so havnt the experience to give any tips...still trying to work out how to use it.

Should get some help here, as had a look at some of the art work..lots of talent around!


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Cherbear, you can change the canvas size to whatever you'd like.

Just from memory, there are a couple of tutorials that deal with this issue. If you cannot find them using search, let me know & I will write some instructions for you.

At the moment, very few of my images are showing because of people linking to my account with Photobucket, so until 25th of this month, they are not there & I may need to re-upload most of them because I have moved them all into folders. If you haven't already done so, I'd encourage you to make your Photobucket account private.

Most people work on 800 x 600 canvas but I usually use 4 times that size. If you look for the DPI & you tute by David Atwell, you will understand why. The images turn out MUCH smoother. Be aware though that PDN can (& mine often does) crash or be very slow when working on an image that size, so please save often. At this stage I save it as .PDN. Once you are happy with the image, save it as a .PNG (it's lossless so it looks clearer). I usually save all my .PDN files in a folder so that I don't get them mixed up.

On Photobucket, once you have uploaded the .PNG, you have the "Thumbnail" option. Copy & paste the thumbnail link into your thread (edit your first post to add more images). If you then take out the ?action=view&current= it will take the viewer straight to the image rather than everything in your Photobucket account & save heaps in downloads.

I hope that this has been helpful. I look forward to seeing much more from you. Also, I wanted to say that your sig is really cute!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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barbieq25 Thank you for all that ... that was a bit to read..lol. Im going to look into that.

If i need any help i will ask if u dont mind.

I do believe that my photobucket is private tho that u mention it, im going to make sure in case i have to use it.

I have another thing i can use just in case ( Back-up is always awesome)

Also, thank u on the comment on my Sig. I couldnt really think of anything to make on my own so i put 3 pics togeather and

typed in my Nic-name I thought it was cute also...

Im only going to use it until i can make one that i made instead of just pictures i used. Once again thank u.


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