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Help! How to create a Template?

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Hello folks,

this is my first post to this great forum, and while it seems a walk in the park, Paint.NET in my case isnt.. I am working on a GIF project, and it revolves around a sniper scope, the scene is around and inside the scope, only that outside the scope, I'll blur the corners starting from outside the scope to the borders of the image.. the background could be pasture or snowy... all objects are made by paint.net, the target, the background elements of trees, animals, deers for example..


I kinda lost my way here.. if you get the picture, how do I create a sniper scope template, and use it more than once in succession for the images to be compiled into a single GIF animation..

Sorry if that has been posted before, but I'm beginning to like paint.net and I think the interface is easier to use than photoshop, and its for free too..


I love Paint.NET and proud to be part of the community

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It isn't clear whether you wanted help with the scope template or

only with being able to re-use it for several frames in the animated GIF.

Here are some ideas on the template design:


Your finished template can be saved as a transparent PNG file or .pdn file.

It can be brought into a project file using, Layers > Import From File...

Duplicate the template layer as many times as you need for the number

of frames in the finished GIF file, and merge it to each background layer

once you have positioned it where you want it to be.

Each layer in the .pdn file will be a frame in the finished GIF.

I recommend saving as a .pdn file in addition to saving as AGIF.

(If you are using Simon Brown's Animated GIF plugin you need

to save as AGIF then rename to GIF after saving.)

Animated Image 2.1 - AGIF & APNG

If you use another program to make the animation, save as .pdn

then use the Layer Saver "plugin" to harvest the layers as individual images.

Layer Saver


This plugin is very helpful for working on projects that need precise centering:

Align Object Plugin

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thanks for the reply.

I created this using import layer. Its a bit unfinished, but I'm inspired from the movie "Shooter"..

I was hoping to create a GIF leading up to this, but my level is soo rookie, maybe later..

the scope needs some touchup with the rifle body, instead of the usual 80s movie screens..

this is only a WIP..

tell me what you think..


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I love Paint.NET and proud to be part of the community

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here is what happened..

this is the WIP with few additions:


WIP with bolt, snowy gloves, and fingers and dirt:


final with lomography effect:


final with film effect: :pizza::pizza::pizza::coffee::coffee::coffee:


tell me what u think folks... I think film effect is the best but I couldnt get the blood more visible..

you can play with them if you are interested and use them for even greater looks.. me casa su casa ;)


I love Paint.NET and proud to be part of the community

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