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missing color management

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Paint.net seems to lack color management.

At the minimum software which displays an image file should read the source profile, and have it displayed using the monitor's profile (either by doing the conversion itself or reporting the source profile to the OS). If it can't do this, it should return an error message rather than display an image that is not the image described by the image file.

That's just to display images; to edit them I'm sure you need a more complete understanding of the color profile.

Actually I think this can't be too hard using .NET, since Microsoft over the last few years has been much better about color management.

I don't want to disparage what is a hugely impressive piece of work in Paint.NET, but in order to load an image file correctly, or to display an image correctly on a monitor, i.e. for any imaging software to behave correctly, there needs to be color management.

(Reposting: thread I posted in was locked.)

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