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Okay, tell me if you can reproduce this bug. Open any window from a different program (your internet browser for example), then open paint.net. Make sure the first program window isn't minimized, and try to resize your pdn image. It will swap over to the other program, but pdn will still be selected. Wierd, huh?

Edit: also, if the other window isn't fullscreeen, it will switch to the other screen then back to pdn.

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For me, the same thing happens when the 1st program's new window is at any size: I click OK, the 1st program appears for a split second on my screen then switches back to PdN.

^This happens after a change is made to the image I opened in PdN^

When I repeat your steps on a non-edited image, when the 1st program's new window is full screen, the 1st program's new window flashes on my screen. When the new window is not full screen, the 1st program stays on the top.

^This happens on a default 800x600 white canvas^

***Basically, this repros in a different way than it does for you, but it still repros.***

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Something very similar is happening to me;

Pressing CTRL R when PDN window is maximized and also another window is maximized – the resize dialog is partially visible.

When pressing Esc key then resizing window to less than full screen and trying again does not create error (all OK)

CTRL SHIFT R works OK in maximized window.

To reproduce:

Open an image in PDN, Maximize window of any other application, maximize PDN window, Click CTRL R

(My screen resolution is 1680x1050)

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