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Removing Lines from Pictures

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I do apologize if this is a repeat and believe I have searched thoroughly enough to make sure this is not a repost. Is there a simple way to remove interlacing from a video still without losing the the rest of the detail (blurring)? I attached an example (it is a map I am using for a game).

Bailout Map

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Well, this is just an idea. I didn't tried it.

Copy a HQ version of this on a layer. Add a new and use rectangle select to select the darker lines (change mode to add). Now you need to play a lil bit: Use a half-transparent grey/green and search for a color making it look like it is one color ...

I got as far as adding a new layer but am not sure about the rest, how do you select the lines?

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This would be an unpleasant image to try to clean up using Paint.Net.

A technique used in astronomy leaps to mind called image stacking. The idea is to take multiple frames from a video and layer them successively to build an image based on the features common to the frames. In astronomy, 500+ images can be layered to create very detailed images from apparently fuzzy video. The theory is that video "noise" is not common from frame to frame, but the object in the video is.

If you have the original video and can rip multiple frames from it then you might be in luck. This software might be of assistance: http://www.astronomie.be/registax/index.html

Your best bet in Paint.Net might be to try a similar trick based on a handful of frames from the video. Align them on successive layers and use blend modes to try to get the noise to cancel out. It's a long shot and I wouldn't be confident of great results.

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That's the idea. Once you have them imported as individual layers, lower the opacity of each layer (press F4 & play with the opacity slider). Then use the move tool :MoveTool: to align the layers. When alignment is perfect (hint: use the arrow keys for pixel by pixel precision), take the layer opacity back up to maximum.

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