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Request: Motion Blur From Point/Center of Selection

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I was curious if there was a way to motion blur images in/out from any given point, or at least the very center (or probably the center of the selection). I kind of doubt this is available, so it would be nice if a plugin could be made for it.

Some things it would have would how many pixels it blurs and how much space between each blurred line (otherwise it would just make a circle). Um... I'm not too good with that, so I guess someone who makes it (if anyone does :\ ) could fill in the rest of the details.

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Well, yes and no. I also wanted to make it so that it... now how to put this into words... hmmm...

Like... so its... liney? lol... UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

AH! So, for example, it motion blurs at every 5 degrees, 10 degrees, 1 degree, 2 degrees, etc.. This way it has like lines, and its not a whole perfect circly thing... oh, and it motions blurrs at every x degrees and FOR a certain degrees... something like that.

*stays tuned*

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