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Messing with FL Studio 9...

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Hey guys, well sorry for my inactive-ness, but I've been busy, and trying other things. One of those things is a program called FL Studio 9, and it's a music mixing program for all who don't know.

I have made 3 songs, and started on a 4th so far, but only my 3rd one is half decent, haha.

Well, here's my thrid song, in case you were wondering!

Just listen, tell me what you think, and if possible, some constructive criticism, because I do want to get better at this, ya know. ;)

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WAY too much reverb, you can't even hear the melody.

The drums have a good beat but lack mixing, they get very quiet sometimes.

And the intro... it's bad. It sounds like a bad glitch in the sequencer, way to 'mechanical' for a metal song.

Nope, can't say I like it.

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