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Hardware Accelerated Blur Pack v3.2

Bruce Bowyer-Smyth

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Hardware Accelerated Blur Pack uses your video card’s GPU to process images at a potentially huge performance leap. The blurs in this pack are modelled after the built in Paint.NET effects. Differences have been noted below.

System Requirements
Note: These additional requirements are for this plugin pack only. They are not required for paint.net use in general.


  • Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista with the DirectX 11 platform update (x86, x64).
    (Win XP is NOT supported as it does not have DX11)
  • Latest Video Drivers from NVIDIA or AMD/ATI
  • DirectX 10 or later video card that supports DirectCompute (see troubleshooting section for how to determine this)


Extract all files from the zip file into the Paint.NET Effects folder.

Download for Paint.net v4.3 or later
>>> Hardware Accelerated Blur Pack <<<

Included Effects
Motion Blur (up to 54,800% faster!)


  • Added Edge Behaviour option


Radial Blur (up to 12,300% faster)


  • No quality option but it is equivalent to high-quality "5" in the standard Paint.NET blur.


Zoom Blur (up to 5,300% faster)

Gaussian Blur (up to 3,000% faster)


  • Main improvement is for large images or radius
  • Added Blur Dimensions option (Horizontal and Vertical, Horizontal Only, Vertical Only)
  • Added Edge Behaviour option


Channel Blur (new effect)


  • A separate and unique gaussian blur for each color channel
  • Each channel has it’s own independent radius option


Device creation error message


  • Firstly make sure you have up to date video drivers
  • Download GPU-Z and confirm that the DirectCompute checkbox is checked. If it isn’t you may have an unsupported video card. This means for NVIDIA you need an 8 series or later. For AMD/ATI the HD 4700 series or later. Intel HD Graphics 4000/2500 may be supported but I haven't tested that.


Out of Memory error message

  • You now have a reason for that hardware upgrade. The image needs to fit into the memory of the video card. The amount of a ram you have determines the size of the image these effects can process.


Version History
3.2.0 - Support for PDN 4.3.

3.1.0 - Fix for Radial Blur in PDN 4 and images with sub-selections.

3.0.0 - PDN 4 compatible. Switched to use SharpDX.

2.4.0 - Bug fix for "tall" motion blurs
2.3.0 - Bug fix for partial image width selections

2.2.0 - Fixed plugin load wanring. Fixed some blurs being off by half a pixel. Added support for Win 8 software device driver.

2.1.0 - Gaussian, Motion and Channel blurs can handle any sized image. Faster zoom.
2.0.0 - Faster Radial, motion and zoom.
1.0.7 - Increased perf on small to medium sized images for motion and gaussian blur

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This needs to be pinned.

I agree. <Pinned>

Outstanding work Bruce!

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I have an ATI radeon X1200, so no DirectCompute for me. :/

PDN won't make DirectCompute a requirement for a while, right Rick?

Edited by jerry533482

Space...The Final Frontier. -James Tiberius Kirk; circa 2260s


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A lot of people take your words seriously Rick. You are the author of Paint.NET, after all.

Still, you had us all going for a minute. :lol:

Edited by jerry533482

Space...The Final Frontier. -James Tiberius Kirk; circa 2260s


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Bruce, any chance of adding a screen shot of the UI?

This plug-in pack will actually give me the incentive to purchase a new computer with Win 7 installed, or do some serious hardware upgrading along with a fresh installation of Win 7 to save the money.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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