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A loading screen for PDN?

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I know that PDN is supposed to be a program that starts up REALLY fast, but I've noticed that when power users load all their favorite plugins into PDN (usually 2 to 3 hundred), it can take as long as 30 seconds to start up. And while it's starting up, it looks as if it has stopped responding. So, why not add a startup screen like in GIMP? To keep users "in the know"? It might clear up a lot of confusion.

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...when power users load all their favorite plugins into PDN (usually 2 to 3 hundred)...

That doesn't make you a power user, it makes you a packrat. Just keep the plugins you use frequently installed, and keep the rest archived somewhere.

Or just be like me and delete them and redownload when you need them. That way, you never even have to worry about being out-of-date!


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No. GIMP has a splash screen because it's a giant bloated piggy. Paint.NET is taking awhile to load on your system because your computer is loaded down, not because Paint.NET is slow. Not having a splash screen also keeps me more accountable for maintaining good startup performance. It's never coming back and I find it comical that you're asking for its return! What will you ask for next, a splash screen for Firefox? :)

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