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Does Avatar: The Last Airbender count?

Technically, no.

The show's character designs are heavily influenced by anime; the show, however, is not generally considered to be "anime" because of its origination in the United States.

I do love the show though. I'm not gonna see Shamalamadingdong's movie until ... never.


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I occasionally read Naruto (the Anime's bad)..

I used to read Naruto a while back, but i got frustrated not being able to see actually what happened in the fight scenes.

Only bad thing about the Anime is the super lame Filler Episodes


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Death Note is great! Although I stopped reading it towards the middle when it started to get a bit boring.

V V V Spoilers V V V

When Light forgot he was Kira and that company had the Death Note

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I used to read lots of manga online. Now that is made pretty much impossible, thanks to greedy publishers who are repeating the mistakes of the music business.

Before they brought the hammer on online manga scans, I used to enjoy reading series such as Fullmetal Alchemist (thankfully that one got all the way to the end, the ending was really epic), Gunnm, Gunnm: Last Order (it broke my heart when they put it on hiatus), Blade of the Immortal...

Then there's lots of good older stuff, the classics, like Lone wolf and cub, Outlanders... Outlanders was really popular in Japan when it came out in the 90:s, they even made a NES game out of it... I tried playing it on a NES emulator but I can't read japanese so it was a bit hard :D

I'm not that much into anime though. Most of the mangas that have been "ported" as anime suck balls. The first FMA anime for example... they raped the plotline well and good. Although I guess that's a better option than filling the series with neverending filler episodes...

I don't really like shonen that much - don't get me wrong, series like Naruto, Bleach et al. can be entertaining but they really lack the depth that you find in more sophisticated works - what really bugs me is this is what most people think manga/anime is, but this is what sells because 12-year-old schoolboys keep gobbling it up, so finding good seinen manga is getting rarer. Kinda sad really.


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The best Manga and Anime was, is and will be Akira. The animation in the anime was the smoothest I've ever seen, but you should read the Mangaa first, because the storyline gets VERY... experimental at the end.

Right now I'm reading everything made by Kago Shintaro. It's guro Manga, so nothing for the light-hearted, but that guy is one of the most creative mangaka I've ever seen, sick and twisted ideas everywhere (in one story.. nahh, not here). Everything you read of him makes you go WTF.

Google at your own risk.

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Hey, then you'd probably enjoy Blade of the immortal. The story gets really nihilistic & dark in the later chapters, and the whole manga is full of splatter and guys getting chopped up...

I agree about Akira btw, that's one of the animes I've really enjoyed. The manga was good as well.


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Technically, all animated films/series are Anime and all comics are Manga, but let's not get into that.

My favourite manga are Death Note, Reborn!, 07Ghost, Naruto and Bleach. Bleach's pace has slowed down unimaginably and the las 20 chapters have been disappointing... Aizen's omnipotence is ridiculous.

I don't watch anime. It's always slower than manga, breaks rules, adds filler episodes and is just plain boring.

Viz has recently taken violent measures to combat online manga scanlations, which I find stupid.

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But just because it's popular, does that mean they're good? The only mangas i got into were Ghost in the shell, Cowboy Bepop, and DBZ. What other mangas are there besides the obvious ones? I just got into manga :D

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