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First off I would like to say...I am sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place... I've been searching for the right place to post this and couldn't figure it out. So if I have posted this in the wrong place please let me know and I will gladly post this in the correct place. I need some help if yall wouldnt mind. I know that this question has been asking countless time. So please try not to get frustrated with me.

So here goes..

I have windows Vista. I downloaded a new font... I would like to use it in PDN. I read the help files and have also used the google search. There were many reply's to this question and i thought that they would be helpful but i have tried a lot of them and for some reason I cannot get it to work for me. The font will show up in Mircosoft Office Word but not in PDN. I cannot figure out why.. or figure out what I am doing wrong. Maybe it's just me and I am having one of those days.. I'm not sure. But if anyone can help me it would be very much appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

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What Paint.NET version are you using?

Current version is 3.5.5 .

What font is it specifically?

Please provide the link that you used to download it.

The font is called Adine kirnberg-s

here is the link www.WebpagePublicity.com/free-fonts/a/AdineKirnberg-S.ttf

and yes i do believe I am using the most current version of PDN i just downloaded it back in May.

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I just installed that font, and it shows in the Paint.NET font list. (I'm using Vista, also)

My Paint.NET font drop-down opens not showing the top of the list,

so I have to scroll up to see this font.

i just opened PDN and now it's there... idk why it was not there earlier. but it is there now. would you mkind telling me how you did it? So i can try to do another one and make sure that it works. so i know what i'm doing.

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Right-click > Install

I figured it out. i dont know what i was or was not doing earlier.. but it's working just fine now. But Thank you for your help Sarkut. And thank you to everyone else too....

I use PDN to design wedding invitations.. and don't really know how to use a lot of the tools... only cause i haven't really messed with them much.. but if anyone has anything cool like would like to share with me.. i'd love to know.

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