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Free Form Select Tool?

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I used to use PageImage (not compatible with Win 7 on new laptop) which had a free form select tool. I only see a rectangle and an ellipse select tool with this program. I want to select a portion of an image, cut it out of the image, then paste it onto another image.

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You could also try the Magic Wand selection tool. It looks like this: pdn35icons.MagicWandToolIcon.png

Just be aware that it has a tolerance setting in the tool bar to adjust how much is selected when the wand is used. My favorite setting is 31%.

I tried that too but it leaves part or the content of the image behind. I guess I will just have to play around/practice more.

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Just a tip, for selecting a multi-colored image which is surrounded by completely transparent pixels, use 30-32%. Again, I favor 31%... Select a transparent pixel and Invert Selection. ;) Just a tip.

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You could also get around it this way -

1. create another layer above the image,

2. trace around where you want the selection to be using the line tool on this layer,

3. get the magic wand and select the area required

4. move to the layer with the image and copy and paste to where you want it.

I know it might take a bit longer but at least you won`t have to worry about tolerances or anything. ;)

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