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Getting started (C#)


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Well... This is the "General Coding/ Programming" section so i guess this is were i should ask this... for definate awensers... (if not, Rick, can you please move this to were it should go?)

I know i need to know C# to write effects in codelab...

I'am looking to do so, to tool around, and see what i get, evan if i dont know EXACTILY what i'am doing, I will be expirementing.

How should I start? Were should I start? I only have knowledge in Html, and VERY little css, witch have nothing to do with this... so...

Please help me, I'am not trying to be the stupid kid in the back of the classroom that is in Math 7 and wants to get into physics but...

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You just need to learn the ways of modern programming. There are a lot of approaches to this. I prefer the "teach yourself" method...

Buy a book or two.

Look up tutorials online.

Maybe start with a simpler language, then make the switch.

If you really want to do it hard-core style, download a bunch of C# code and figure it out on your own by looking at it.

You can take a programming class...if you're not in a school that offers this, your local community college probably has a course you can take now or during next summer.

Ask your friends...you might be able to find someone who can help you 1-1 mentor-style.

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Well my freinds dont know the diffrence between html, and a television... but I am looking foward to taknig classes next summer (I may have to wait...)

Thanks! i'll buy some books next time i'am out, and iam going to look up some tut's now...

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take a little look at these links... get started off with c# express edition and play around with some code samples from there.



if you don't know anything about code and are a complete begginner, look into PHP, or even BASIC.... I learned to code by moving up from the really simple stuff to the more complex programming languages one at a time. :D

though i admit i haven't actually created anything particularly useful with c# yet.. YET![/url]

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Also, check for books at your local library. I've checked out books on Javascript, PHP, and C# that have been very helpful.

My problem is that I've been studying programming languages and programming for years and I still haven't figured out how to read and understand large projects much less modify them or write my own.

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I still haven't figured out how to read and understand large projects much less modify them or write my own.

i know the feeling. i guess you go about it by just spending many, many hours in front of the computer working until you eventually have a large project on your hands.

Also there is so much to the .net framework and applications in general i'm not going to be surprised if i end up still learning the ins and outs in about 3 years... :shock:

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