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My first Picture!


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I clicked on this first post expecting to see a nooby post involving polar inversion, but I'm impressed, you definatly have some talent. For a first image 8.5\10 The Gradients at the bottom are a little out of place, and the text is way to blurred, but otherwise, nice job.

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Not bad at all!

Suggestion: the black frame layer should be on the top. At the moment some of the gradients overlap a bit & it looks wrong esp on the left side.

As noted about the text by MM.

The figure needs to be a bit more Antialiased - Gaussian Blur, Feather, AA Assistant, True Blur, Smooth & Smart Blur could help with this.

I won't rate your work but I do think you have done a really fine job on this one. Really creative. Well done!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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That's a very nice looking first image. What I would do to make it have just a bit more graphically pleasing is to either fix the text or remove it, fix the edges of the cut out guy with not so much feathering, maybe have some of those lines loop throughout his tail or his weapon (aka have some lines over top of the character), and add a bit more texture to the background. But extremely nice job for your first work. It looks very cool! :D

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