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Incompatibility with NVIDIA Geoforce 8400 GS

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I replaced a failing NVIDIA 6600 GT card with a newer 8400 GS, and now Paint.net hangs; i.e. the CPU usage goes to 100%.

I am certain it is the fault of the drivers. I reloaded paint.net. Whenever I run it on one of the two screens attached to the NVIDIA card, it hangs if I try to resize an image or do anything more than draw lines. When it hangs the CPU usage again goes to near 100%.

When I move the paint.net window to my third monitor, which runs on a Radeon 7000 card, Paint.net words, though very slowly.

Does anyone have ideas on how to resolve the NVIDIA issue? The driver is 6.14/11/9107 dated 9/27/09.

Thanks for your help!


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