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The Picture Add-On Game

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There was a thread like this but it died long ago.

A basic rundown of what the game is would be that there is a simple starting image (like the one down there!) that people will add little things to at a time until it grows into a sexy mural of awesomeness. (basically) B)


1. Only post once in a row.

2. You may only change\add a little bit in the picture (leave enough so a lot more people can do it)

3. Renders are not allowed

4. No scribbling all over and messing the whole picture up etc.

5. You may make layers, but when you host it, it must be flattened again.

6. Keep the picture the same size.

7. When your going to ad to the picture, please post something saying *picture in progress* or something long those line to let people know they're working. If you see this, wait till they are done so you have a brand new picture to work with.

8. Please save as a jpg, (for the sake of loading time.)

9.When people feel the image has gotten to crowded, or old, i will make a new starting image to work with.

This will be the First starting image.


Let's get it on :D

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A trick I learned from this. Once in a while, when I get board with an image, I just do this.


Thickness: 3

Intensity: 50

Run Auto-Level


Do we have to say what we do?

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"The truth is just an excuse for having a lack of imagination."

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Alright, I know this looks like a lot of work, but it was in order to achieve a relatively simple effect... :D


1. Colour Match from Mayor's image to the previous one, so colours were the same.

2. Colour Extracted Mayor's sun.

3. Jitter

4. G. Blur

5. Dents

6. Blur

Which gives this:


Edited by PineappleQc


"Ah, i love it when huge pineapples try to take over the world, it makes me sentimental :')"


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