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watercolour painting texture

n d

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Hi, this is my first tutorial. I really like making textures, so I want to share some texture tricks I have figured out. This is a really simple watercolour-like texture.

For this texture you will need render clouds, stitch and emboss/engrave.

Start by render > clouds


Duplicate layer






Now just set both layers on overlay, adjust the opacities (I use very low settings) and add background image on the bottom:

Edit: I had here the middle layer marked as overlay 20, but after looking into it I noticed it was set in normal blending mode. The best setting for the middle layer is actually overlay with around 120 opacity, overlay 20 is too weak...


If you blur the background image it will look more like watercolour.


You can also achieve very cool effects by playing with the middle layer. If you render clouds with bigger scale and less roughness (middle layer only, top layer should be done with the settings in the earlier image), and up the opacity a bit (again middle layer only), you will get a very natural looking watercolour - almost as if it was painted and scanned to the computer.

You can experiment with the middle layer. A very funky effect can be achieved by taking the background image, selecting each different colour with the magic wand (while pressing shift) and doing a separate render clouds on the middle layer (with the higer scale & lower roughness setting). The result will look something like this:


(here, the middle layer opacity is way higher. It gives more natural colour. )

Enjoy! - nd

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I came in here expecting to rattle off the usual shpeal about reading the rules and tutorial guidelines and following some tutorials before trying to write your own, but this is actually pretty good. Nice job.


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Nice, but the page curl kinda spoils the image...

Now try playing with the middle layer. Mess around with the opacity, and the render clouds settings, and you can get very cool (or very weird) results.

e. thanks pyrochild. love your plugins btw.

e2: one more thing, about the middle layer: other blend modes can also achieve some funky results. Colour dodge will produce a picture that looks worn / washed out, Difference or Negation can be used to make it look dirty...

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