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Planet Tutorial (From another Planet)


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Hello. today I will show you how I make a planet space Scene. I won't include how to add stars, but it does show how to make it appear from the view of another planet. (it would be a good idea to start from a rather large image, like 2000x2000) I started from this image(I apologize for not posting the actual image, the forums aren't agreeing with it right now):


next, delete the sky of the image and add a black background behind it.


after you have done this, create a new layer between the other two. select the elliptical select tool and click and drag from exactly 0,0 to the opposite corner of the image. fill this selection with the color you want your planet to be.


Next, create a new layer.This is going to be your planet's texture. I used this image:


make sure the image fills the canvas, and also make sure it is greyscale.

Next, use the wand select to select your planet (now would be a good time to change the wand-select type to global)

use CTRL+I to invert the selection, and delete it.

Set the layer mode to overlay. you should end up with something like this.


merge the layer down onto your planet.

Next, scale, rotate, and position your planet.


if you do NOT want a ring on your planet, please skip the next few steps.

To make a ring, make a new layer ABOVE your planet layer.

run clouds with scale of 500 (if you used the reccomended 2000x2000 canvas, otherwise adjust settings accordingly)


after this, run distort>Twist with the highest possible amount of direction.

create one new layer and fill it with white. if you have a shape3D plugin, run it with a radius of 1.15. after this, use the wand select tool on the outside of it. DO NOT delete this layer.

go back to your ring layer and delete.

After this go back to your ball. use Layers>Rotate/Zoom and zoom to 85% or close, depending on how dense you want your rings. use the wand select tool and invert the selection around the outside.

Go back to your ring layer and delete the selection. you should get something like this:


after that, use transform and try to make the ring lay over the planet, like this. after that play with the opacity layer settings until you find something you really like.


Use Adjustments>Curves to change the color.


after this, run distort>frosted glass to give the rings a less solid feel. also adjust the rings into their final positions.


Next, use the wand select tool on the planet layer and invert the selection to cover the planet. then erase the top part of the rings since they will be behind the planet.


After this, create a new layer above the planet but under the rings, and make a shadowy shape. fill the other side of the selection with it.run a gaussian blur at about 50 pixel radius.


while keeping the selection, fill in the edges with the black and adjust the settings so that the shadow is slightly transparent. go to your black layer and use a gradient to make a sky.


This is the final image. I used Curves to immitate night on the sand and did some finishing touches to the image as a whole. feel free to add more planets and a starscape behind it.


I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!

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