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Manipulating a Plane

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I have a 32X32 Picture. 01.png post-76449-127759967271_thumb.png

Keeping the 32X32 dimension of the picture, I want to rotate and scew the image to resemble 10662.png post-76449-127759971431_thumb.png

I have used some plugins....the closest I got was the 3d object render (which is fantastic), use either top or bottom of the cube and manipulate it .

I have tried doing a search through all the plug ins and was unable to find anything relevant.

I am new to do anything sophisticated as far as graphics go,

if there is not a plug in, then can anyone walk me through how to do this?

This would have come in handy on my first project:new creation.bmp

Keeping a proper perspective on the floor is a pain. Made a second attempt using the checkerboard plug-in then applied that to the 3d cube.

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Actually I tried that first.

It only changes it ti a diamond with out any depth

Would be great if as selected square with points ABCD at x,y cordinates could be edited to have the points reassigned to different xy cordinates and have the image skewed accordingly

If that cannot be done, then is there a way to apply a skin to an area with a way to set th eangle that it will be applied? (havem;t searched for skins yet will do now.

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That is great, only gripe/wish is a that coordinate value be shown for precise manipulation.

(ok, this probably should be posted elsewhere my apologies in advance)I have got to say that all of these plugins are amazing and that it is only because of your guy's talents and generosity that make PdN the wonderful tool that it is.

I am of the nature that will try higher end (for me) applications, but will do without if I "have" to pay (I have donated in the past for apps). I have a hard time paying for something that a) I deem over priced B) a fair value, but will not use more than once or twice.

That being said I will be throwing a few bucks out there once I sort out what plugins I have, which ones I'll use, and then who wrote them.

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