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Help with my project

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I'm trying to make a sig for another site that I am on and I can't seem to make the edges look neat and I am having a hard time merging the background and my pet together.

Here is the pic(s) I am trying to use:


When I remove the background and just leave her, the magic tool doesn't take all the stuff so I have to delete it but it looks rough, any tips for that?

And I'm trying to make a background with one of these prints:



I make this print width: 104 and the height: 100 pixels

I can't seem to make my pet and this print merge together tho. I just have to diff boxes one with my pet and one with the print. What am I doing wrong with this?

Then I am going to have a text that says "Queenie" but I have yet to get that far lol

Any help or tips would be great!!

Thank you very much

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When you cut out your pet,

be sure that you don't have

a white background layer visible.

Save as PNG not .jpg.

Before saving the cut-out pet,

make a rectangular selection around it and crop to selection.

If the cut-out pet image is much larger in pixel dimensions than

the background, resize it before importing it.

Image > Resize

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Thank you very much for your help.

I did what you said the only issue I have now is I can't place her over anything or she will delete the background behind her:


There has to be a step that I am messing up on but I don't know which one.

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