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PDN update and shortcuts

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How do I setup the update not to add shortcuts to my desktop or in my start menu root?

I've been searching the web for an answer but apparently I'm the only nitpick and control freak to use Paint.NET with automatic checks for update still activated.

There is a document on this site about unattended installation where the settings I want could be found but I want to make the PDN to use these settings when installing an update, but sadly the settings in PDN is next to non-existing or very hard to find. Is it even possible to make these settings to PDN?


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Do I feel like a dork or what?

I found out I was half way through a search in regedit and decided to continue searching for these settings. A minute later I had found the reg keys and made the changes.

So new question:

Will "DESKTOPSHORTCUT", "PROGRAMSGROUP" [EDIT] and "ProgramsShortcutPath" [/EDIT] in "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Paint.NET" affect the installation when it is started by Paint.NET itself?


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Reinstall Paint.NET using the installer, and use the Custom installation options. Updates by the updater will respect the settings you choose here. I don't know if you can choose to have to Start Menu shortcut, but I do know there's a Desktop Shortcut option.

I can't recommend messing with the registry.


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