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The Gallery of Vize


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Hello and Welcome to the

Gallery of Vize

The only thing I make in Paint.NET is signatures and avatars. I have only two avatars,

because I focus a lot on signatures.

Here we go.


Hidden Content: Comic-ish Sigs

This is my favorite signature so far


Here is one that is just random...


Another random.


One of my favorites.


Everyone seems to love these so here's another



And now for some Call of Duty 4 signatures that I use on another forum.

Hidden Content: Call of Duty 4 Sigs

Shake n Bake is my clan.


More SnB clan stuff:)


I like this one.



Hidden Content: Random Efect SIgs

Random Effect Sigs


Ooh, Ahh


My First Signature


HexaGrid Sig(I rhymed




I am constantly making sigs, so check back often


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That one is completely freakin awesome. I love it so much. Maybe its the simplicity of the design. I have always wanted to do something like this.


This one is probably my second favorite. I think everything blends in well and the render in it was a very good base.


My third favorite because it made my laugh. Something about it is just funny.


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Dude, your signatures are pretty awesome! I have to say the last one owns. Honestly, it does. The render, as Disco said, is a great base...however I would suggest it being bigger, but overall an awesome signature.

You have potential, and hope you will stick around and make more!

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I quite like this, and the 4 after it.

By the way, you don't need to use a million [ center ] tags. If you want to center your whole post, one [ center ] at the beginning and one [/ center] at the end will do the trick quite nicely.


ambigram signature by Kemaru

[i write plugins and stuff]

If you like a post, upvote it!

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Wow! I didnt expect this much good feedback!

@pyro: I just pressed center once in the beginning and thats it...

and also, I see in some galleries it says "Hidden Content" and you have to click "SHOW" to see it. And once you do all the images appear. How does one perform such a task? <----my attempt at being smart :D

New Signature, New category

Edited by vize


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