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Corrupt Voyer (xXCHR15Xx)'s Gallery

Corrupt Voyer

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I have decided to host my images Here, though i am not abandoning this place, just the new one is updated more often boltbait.big_smile.png

It may be down sometimes but that is usually rectified within a few hours


Welcome to my image galleryboltbait.big_smile.png

I hope you like what you see and by all means leave a comment boltbait.big_smile.png

IF you would like a native Resolution copy then just leave a comment/email me boltbait.smile.png

Suspended Nebula


Native Resolution 5120x2880

Rainbow in The Dark (Suspended Nebula Remix) (Signed)


Native Resolution 5120x2880

The Sufferer (Fading Flame Remix) (Signed)


Native Resolution 2560x1440

Plasma Spin (Signed)


Native Resolution 12800x7200

Flow Of Heart (The Sufferer Remix) (Signed)


Native Resolution 1440x2560

Butterfly In The Dark (Signed)


Native Resolution 5120x2880

Glass Night (Signed)


Native Resolution 5556x3125

Glass Night (Dual Monitor) (Signed)


Native Resolution 11112x3125

Glass Flower (Glass Night Dual Monitor Remix) (Signed)


Native Resolution 5120x2880

Infection (Virus Attacking Blood Cells) (Signed)


Native Resolution 5120x2880

Essence (Plasma Spin Remix) (Signed)


Native Resolution 12800x7200

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As of now ther are hjust avatar and signature. boltbait.big_smile.png

@ Corrupt Voyer: You should add some more stuff boltbait.wink.png

yes, patience im getting them ready boltbait.roll.png

you sound* all too eager boltbait.lol.png

@Zer0, is that better? boltbait.tongue.png

@L3ron, thank you for the reminder boltbait.lol.png

Edited by Corrupt Voyer


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hahaha, much better.

I was hoping that u hadn't posted any because if u had and it was just my PC being annoying then i would have looked very stupid boltbait.tongue.png

haha well ur PC is fineboltbait.big_smile.png , i happen to have just fixed mineboltbait.tongue.png it was comitting slow suicide boltbait.lol.png

anyways, how are my pics then? have i met any standards i dont know aboutboltbait.roll.png

Edited by Corrupt Voyer


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