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[Solved]how to overwrite multiple images

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hi, I'm new to paint.net

I have performed a forum search on this but didn't find any answer

recently I want to replace multiple existing image with another image. but I want to keep these images' names

I tried to use 'Save As' feature, however, this only allow me to over write one image at a time even if I hold down control try to select more than one image

so could anyone tell me how to how to over writing multiple images please?

thank you

edit: not open source, got it wrong

edit2: solved : )

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Why do you want to do that? You definitely can't within Paint.NET; that would be a very dangerous feature.

Also, Paint.NET is not open source.

it's for editing some volume of images thanks for replying anyway

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Why don't you just save one file, then copy it over all the others later?

because there are 800+ images I want to do this to as well as keep their original file name,

but it's ok, I just made the same number of copies of the source image and rename them with the original naming patten using 4 loops in java

thanks for your reply

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