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Bug Saving .PNG File

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To whomever it may concern,

I am using Paint.net to write a tutorial on Entourage 2008, and I'm taking screenshots from a Mac (using Grab, which saves them into TIFF), synchronizing them into my Windows machine, and cropping/editing/etc. them in Paint.NET. I save them onto my Windows machine as a PNG file. Today, however, there was one screenshot that would not save into a PNG file. All other TIFF files I have do save as PNGs, and this picture saves into other file formats, such as JPG and GIF. I've attached the offending picture to this post.

If this is useful: when the dialog for save into PNG appears, Paint.NET is stuck at the autocompute bitrate depth, and does not preview the image or give me an estimated file size. When I click Save, it creates the file, but the file cannot be read by Windows.

I am running Win7 Professional x64.

I apologize if this error is not reproducible.If the forum needs more information, please let me know.


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Repros here as well. I've filed a bug for v4.0.

In the meantime you should be able to work around this by doing a Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Alt+V. (in other words, copy+paste into a new image). Then save it from there.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Just a comment to help in bug-finding: this bug seems to happen with many other windows, most all of which are Mac Grab window screenshots (not Selection, Timed Screen, or Screen). The bug has reproduced with many other screenshots of that variety. I hope this helps.

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