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Adjusting the area of a selection

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Usually after I've selected an area, I would like to tweak the dimensions a bit, or maybe slide it a little up or the left, before doing a crop. Is there a way to adjust the area that that you've selected? I'm not asking about changing the underlying image, but changing the bounds and position of the selection area itself.



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Hello Frontcannon,

Newbie here hoping you can help. I spent a lot of time making the white background of an image transparent, saved it in pdn, and opened another image on a new layer to do the same. Somehow while working on the 2nd image, the first moved up and right; only a small portion is now visible in the upper right portion of the window/canvas. I didn't notice it until I went to complete the work today. Is there anyway to retrieve the full image now, since I apparently saved it in that position, or did I blow it and have to invest all the time to do it again? Your help is very much appreciated!

AKG :/

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Thank you for your quick response,

Forgive my ignorance with this program. It gives me a pink transparent square to move around the screen, but I am not sure what I can do to make it retrieve the missing part of the image. Do I position the square over the area where the missing image part once was and resize the canvas?

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Unfortunately, AKG, if I'm understanding your problem correctly, I believe your hard work is lost. In Paint.NET, all layers are the size of the image, and any portion of a layer moved outside of the canvas is discarded when the move is finalized. Unless you still have the image open so as to undo everything all the way back there, you'll have to cut it out again.

Whenever I'm cutting out an image, I tend to work with each one individually, save individual PDNs of each piece, then import the flattened cutouts into the final composition. With as much effort is involved in cutting out images, I find it's easiest to focus on the individual parts like that, and saving the PDNs of the cut out images means I can use that piece in another compilation in the future without having to cut it out again.

Sorry I don't have better news for you.

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Crazy Man Dan,

I fear you understand my issue all too well. I guess that's the learning curve. I appreciate your taking the time to respond and I shall heed your advise on saving one masterpiece of cut art at a time then importing them into one. Thank you again for your help. I shall start re-cutting my image now.

Gratefully, AKG

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