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As you can see, my current sig consists of a stupid black square with a red pixel in the middle. I put this here because I have absolutely no clue what to do for my sig. I want my sig to come from me, but quite simply... I'm horrible at coming up with ideas.


If anyone would like to share some tips on creating sigs, some possible ideas I could use, or ways of developing my own ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.

I want something different... something unique... something that will get other people to say "Man, I wish I had a sig like that...!"

I'll provide some of my old sigs to show what I use to do.

All done with PDN

This is my sig from when I use to play Runescape. I basically used it on forums and my clan.


This is my current sig for a forum I run called "The Ranting Parrot." It obviously isn't suitable for this forum.


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IDK if the render I used was edited in photoshop, but the rest I did in PDN. I think I'll use that in addition to the black square... seeing as you like it, lol. It was actually intended to 'ask' people "Why do you concentrate on 1 pixel if theres thousands?" Kind of a thing... anywho, I guess I'll just use that sig. *puts it in*

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