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I missed the water side lounge. I like this one. Where the water meets the wall is really good. Love the bricks too. Gold cups & the sliced orange look good too. Well done on that image too!

Most people like fast cars red but the Bumble Bee colours you did spins my wheels. Boss302 stripes will get me in each time. The look superb on yellow & the blue stripes on a white Ford Cobra will do it for me too.

Odd as it may seem my favourite colour is purple & I wear a lot of silver jewellery. I love the gold on the artworks so I guess it all balances out in the end.

Very good works here, Hexratt. You're definitely one to watch.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Insanely amazing work! In the image with the orange and the cup and the ducks and wall (I forget what you called it.) Do you have a non-blurred image of the duck?

I would really like to see it "up close."

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"The truth is just an excuse for having a lack of imagination."

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Insanely amazing work! In the image with the orange and the cup and the ducks and wall (I forget what you called it.) Do you have a non-blurred image of the duck?

I would really like to see it "up close."

Sorry, I don't have image of the ducks. I made them by making an outline of duck, render clouds, and use smudge to give them ruffle feathers. Then painted in the eyes and bill.

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Tutorial from me? I think I need to have more post and submission before I can write a tutorial according to forum rules. Well, I will start writing tutorials but I won't submit them until I have more artwork in my gallery. My first one will be "how to make tires and rim" using pdn.

But my next challenge is to paint War Machine from Iron Man 2. I got this idea from Ash's gallery since he made Iron Man's head.

Thank you all for your compliments.

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Hexeratt, it does not say that you need more posts to write a tutorial. That's just so newbs don't post them, they want you to have more posts to have more skill and experience. You obviously have both already, and read rules carefully, and will have no problem in regards to writing a tutorial (other than the innumerable amount of work, effort, and time you put into it!).

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Since you seem to be making people their dream cars, may I please have a Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4SV?

One like this:


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@Welshblue - A big welcome to you, sir, to my galleria. I have learned a lot from your tutorials. Many thanks. It was your ring tutorial that set me on the right path to creating better art with pdn. It was there that I made my first spacecraft (the gold tie-fighter) use as my avatar. The gold color, of course, was inspired by barbieq25.

@chrisco97- Sorry about the blur, I did rush the headlights and blurred them too much. I will redo them later.

Ok, agreed, I will begin a car tutorial and the subject reference will be the Lamborghini, as requested by csm725. This way I can terminate a couple of avian lifeforms with

a single monolithic projectile or is it kill two birds with one stone. If it will be too long, I will break it down into parts such as doors, hood, bumper, etc...

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Ok, I'm gonna post an experimental car tutorial here. But I'm not doing the whole car, just the roof for now. If you want a real tutorial, here is a link but it's written for photoshop.


Experimental car tutorial part one.

this is the car we gonna try and make:


end product:


1- Start with a good size canvass,I used my default monitor screen size 1024 x 768.

add new layer, call it carguide, make outline of car using

any color that is not the color of car. I use blue hex: 0094FF

as primary color on pallette. Use brush width: 3.

2- add new layer, call it workingbackground and use paint bucket flood fill with grey color hex:808080.

make it the bottom layer of all layers.

3- continue to make outline of windshield, window, door panel,

hood, right side hood, and bumper. Make new layers for each

outline and name them accordingly.

By now, you should have something like this:


4- go to carguide layer then add new layer on top of it. Call it

carbasecolor and use paint bucket tool floodfill it with default yellow color or hex:FFD800.

go back to carguide layer, use magic wand tool and select anywhere outside the car outline

then select carbasecolor layer to make it active and hit the delete key.

Now you should have this:


5- painting the roof. I always start from top down. set carbasecolor layer invisible by unchecking the visible box.

-go to the roofguide layer and add new layer and call it roof, floodfill with yellow, then use magic wand on roofguide layer

anywhere outside of outline (same method as in step 4) and go back to roof layer and hit delete key.

-under effects gaussian blur 2, aa assistant 3, duplicate roof layer rename it roofhilitebase.

-in roofhilitebase layer, under adjustments, adust brightness to 30 leave contrast at 0.

-duplicate roofhilitebase layer,set blending mode of top one to multiply and merge down with other one.

gausssian blur 2, aa assistant 3.

-then duplicate roofhilitebase layer again and rename it roofhilite this time.

-duplicate roofhilite 3 more times and make sure to set blending mode to multiply then merge all roofhilite layers

down so you now have only one.

-make all layers invisible except the roofhilite layer and use eraser

tool with a large size brush about 100 and erase according to image.


-gaussian blur at 5 and aa assistant at 1.

-now merged it down with roofhilitebase layer then add new layer and call it


-use scratch layer to add in white hi-lights on top of roof and black lines around window.

Always use scratch layer to add in more details that way if you don't like it, you can just delete it and not ruin the original.

Hopefully, you have something like this now:


And with some more tweaking it will have a nice polished look.


By adjusting brightness and saturation, try to match the reference color, that's if you want it to be exactly like original.

Above, I added door panel, below the hood.


I don't like the end result at all. Looks cartoonish.


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I have one question Hexratt: Why do you not like the result of your cars? I think they are pretty darn realistic.

I did a no, no that's why. I was suppose to work only with one color, yellow, and use black for shading, but I strayed

and mixed in orange towards the end. That left the cartoonish look. See the image under where I said "some more tweaking will

give a polished look", I was following the rule there and just used yellow, at that point it still had more realistic look.

But thank you for your words of comfort. Well, I can always start over , good practice anyway.

As for the tires, just try to make a tread image and use shape3d, cylinder with ball end points.

I will do a write up on that after I finish War Machine.

Oh btw, added second part of War Machine.

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