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need help making gold

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I'm looking for a way to make my little logo look like actual shiny gold instead of just gold color (. I apologize for being such a noob, I just don't have much experience with graphic design. :-/

Something similar to this:

Is there a tutorial somewhere? I found this one ( and it looks awesome for photoshop. Can I do this exact same thing with

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The basic idea of making things shiny is to give it something to reflect. If you mess with the luminosity curves (adjustments:curves), you can give the object the illusion of reflecting something around it, making it shiny. The other thing you could do is forget everything I said and download the "metallize" plugin. It's basically a quick luminosity curve mod that does it all for you. Warning: it may produce odd and unwanted effects (messed up lighting for example)

EDIT: Gold text tutorial

if that's not shiny enough, click on the left-most piece in my sig (the one labeled "chrome"). If you play with that effect and color tint the object, that might work too

I'll keep updating as I find the mentioned helpful links:

Conditional hue/saturation method

curves method

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Any one of these tutes should give you good results.

In addition to these, once you have how you'd like it to be you can add additional shine glow by using this method:

1. Duplicate the text or gold item layer.

2. Set layer blend mode of the duplicated layer to "Overlay".

3. On the layer below run Glow at the following setting 6, -32, 48, respectively.

4. Run Soften Portrait at the following setting 5, -20, 20, respectively.

You may need to adjust the settings to suit your needs. Sometimes Drop Shadow in yellow with a fairly big blur/transparency work well (on the same bottom layer).

Also where there are definite highlights you can add a hot spot.

1. New layer above the one you set to Overlay.

2. Use a yellowish/orange brush & draw some hot spots.

3. Gaussian Blur them until they look like the glint off the gold. You make need to make it bigger or smaller.

I hope this has helped.

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