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Stargate SG-1-Style Hyperspace


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First tut, so I apologize if I do something wrong.

We'll be creating a Stargate SG-1-ish Hyperspace funnel thing, that looks like this:

First, open a new canvas, whatever size you want, really. I use the same size as my monitor's resolution, 1280x800.

Next, render some clouds on their default settings.

After you have your clouds, pencil sketch them. (Effects-Artistic-Pencil Sketch) Set tip size and range both to 20.

Next, run Zoom Blur. (Effects-Blurs-Zoom Blur) Don't use Zoom Blur Deluxe; It doesn't leave the picture as... patchy as the stock one.

Now colorize it however you wish. I use a combination of Curves and Hue/Saturation. In Stargate, the colors of Hyperspace vary from season to season; purple, blue, green... I like purple the best.

Once you have your desired colors, create a new layer, and hide the first one. Move the new one to the bottom, and paint it black. Next, add some stars with Effects-Noise-Add Noise. I use the settings of Intensity-100, Color Saturation-0, Coverage-3.11.

Next we'll run Zoom Blur again, but at a much lower setting of 3.

Now unhide the hyperspace layer and set the blendmode to Glow, and you're done.

(Click to enlarge)



Wording/grammar edit 2/21/14 — I sounded like a bloody idiot four years ago.

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"Sir, we're surrounded!" "Excellent, we can attack from any direction."

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Nice, both of you. lol, Hexratt, reminds me of one of mine :P


I tried to make it look like the light from hyperspace was sorta reflecting off'a the hull, and also tried to put a reflection of hyperspace in the cockpit viewport. Had some trouble with that part. But meh, I was just messin' around, having some fun :P

"Sir, we're surrounded!" "Excellent, we can attack from any direction."

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To Mr. Bobert,

For your creative tutorial and for being a Star Gate fan, I do hereby with great honor and gratitude award to you this Star Gate watch with an unfinished band, symbolizing that our journey is not yet complete. We have a long ways to go. May your voyage always bring you safe back home.

(Drum rolls)


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