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Paint auto upgrade techniques?

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Hello Forum users,

I have a more technical question about paint.net. Sorry in advance, but maybe someone could help me.

Can someone tell me how paint.net has implemented the automatic search and upgrade feature in the application?

Is paint.net using it´s own technique or are they using an out of the box techniques from someone else?

I need this one too in my own application also made with .net (but not a paint application ;-)).

And because I also use VB.Net for that, maybe someone can give me a goog hint, what tools are good on the market for that.

Off cause I prefer open-source tools, but if comercial tools are better, than I can also use these ones, if they are not too expensive for my small app.

I already found the microsoft upgrade application block.

Do someone knows this and is it working propper?

Is it easy to implement?

What is paint.net using?

Can I use it too?

Is it allowed?

Where can I found it?

Best regards,


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Paint.NET looks for a text file on the update server based on the platform and current version. This "update manifest" tells Paint.NET what the latest version is, and where to download it. If it's not already the latest version, the file it downloads is a stripped-down version of the installer. It just uninstalls and reinstalls itself using that.

For example, if you're running Paint.NET v3.36 on Windows 7 x64, the update manifest it looks for might be called "update_3.36.build#.revision#.windows7.64.txt"

This file might contain


It's important to check for new versions based on the platform, since 4.0 will not support Windows XP. Vista and Win7 will be allowed to upgrade to 4.0, while XP installs of Paint.NET will be told that 3.5.x is the latest available version.


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