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Can not acquire my scanner

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I just found and installed Paint.net and have only played around with it a little. I am looking for a replacement for my Ulead Photo Express 5 SE edition and Paint.net looks good to do it.

I am having one problem though. I can not get my Kodak ESP7 printer to acquire. I did some searching through the forums and read that the scanner needs to be WIA compliant and the ESP7 is.

I also checked to see if WIA is turned on in my services and it is.

I am using Vista 64 with the latest updates. I also have all the updates for the ESP7.

I even tried the Acquire Twain device plugin, but it keeps crashing paint.net.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to get my scanner working with paint.net?

Wow. 38 views and no one has any ideas on how to help me out?

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