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.Gif decompiler?

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Kinda hard to put an actual name on it but. I searched around a bit and didn't find anything.

Is there a plug-in or program or something that can take apart an animated .gif file and save the individual frames as separate files or as layers in a .pdn file? If no such thing exists then consider this a plug-in request. :P

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Well I happen to use FireFox. (Who in the world wouldn't at this point? lol)

Still, Png may have higher quality but it'll probably make the file size hard for people with slower connections. I don't want people taking forever to load a page just because I have a cool sig. (I tend to use a lot of frames by the way.)

Finally got it working, windows 7 has the ability to edit file extensions off by default. Plus I already had the plug-in pack, I just didn't realize I had to put the file in the "File Types" folder.

Thanks once again. :)

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