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What do people call you?

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Cam, Caz, Caza, Cazaron.

Don't know if it counts as a nickname, but the most common one i get is Cameron...


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I've had several. My real name is Kemal, and mosten often people call me by my real name or some odd derivation such as Kempsu, Kemali, Kempsuli, Kempsa. My dad calls me Kemoş.

I've had some really weird nicknames, too, including but not limited to Afro Troll, Illegal Immigrant, and a creepy Kmooooooo-moan. One of my friends always calls me idiot or stupid.

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My name that I prefer is Nick. But for some reason, people have always called me 'Nicky'. I don't know why, but it's actually kinda neat- I never have to worry about another boy having the same name as me (cause, to be quite honest, it's not exactly a common boy's name...)

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Oh gosh I have waaaaaaaaay too many nicknames. But the one that I'm being called most often... Arab (since I was the only Arab in my sixth form but I was one of four Diana's in the sixth form LOL). I wonder if it's going to stay with me in university...

But other ones






"The girl that never shuts up about politics"

"The girl that's always talking about Islam"


"The Bon Jovi obsessed one"

Blog (I'm the only one out of all of my friends that blog ya see)



Curry Pot


There's more

The majority of my nicknames are based on private jokes. It's quite funny because each person has a different name for me but when they're being serious with me they call me Arab. Diana is NEVER used unless I'm in trouble or something.

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