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How to use Median as a Pro


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Most of you might not even have noticed it, but it is there, it is powerful, and it is waiting for you to use it: Discover the wonderful world of Median

Plug-ins used: Alpha Mask (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=1854)

There are multiple situations, in which Median can be very useful, so here are some examples to show you how it works:

1. Round Corners


Imagine you have a shape with sharp edges and you want to round them, you can try to replace the edges with circles, but if your shape has no background you are much faster if you simply run Median with a Percentile of 50 and a radius according, to how round your edges should be.

2. Shrink Object’s


Ok you want to make a glass button, let’s draw a rounded box and duplicate the layer and use Hue / Saturation to make it white, now take Median: Percentile: 1 and a Radius according, to how small your light should be (1 to 20 is good).Now simply mark the top Part of the button and use the Gradient tool on transparent mode press strg+I and use Gradient again.


3. Cut Out Object’s


Every one of you knows this situation: you just used the Magic Wand tool to cut out an object, but it still has an ugly outline? A little adaption of 2. can help you: Just duplicate the layer and use Hue / Saturation to make it black, now take Median with settings similar to the 2. ones (you should see the outline, but only a small part of the object

Copy the whole image (in this layer) and delete it, now run Alpha Mask with “Invert Mask” and “Paste from Clipboard” on the Object

4. Outline, the awesome way


Some of you might know Outline Selection, it creates a line around your selection, but if you compare the outline to some professional work, you might get differences so let’s try with Median:

Duplicate the Layer with your object, use Hue / Saturation to make the buttom layer black, now apply Median to the buttom layer. Percentile of 100 and a radius according to your Outline-width

I hope Median and you will soon become friends :MedianEffect::D !

{[ Yes I know… 5.a… but no one is fiddling with this effect, and so I wanted the people to notice this fantastic effect]}

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WHY? WHY do you have to Stop XP support?

Don't we have a right to use the new functions?

I love Paint.NET but its time to say:


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yay! somebody uses median too XD I've always wanted to do something like this but never got around to it. I'm glad I didn't though...you did a lot better than I would have :D

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