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Making my own beer label!

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Yes, that's right, I home brew and this time I'd like to go one stage further and make my own beer label! - I have a label I have carefully peeled off a bottle which is not a complicated shape, that's my template.

So, with this label scanned in my first task is to create an outline for my new label - someone I work with informed me of Live Trace in Illustrator, alas I don't have any commercial products at my disposal...

So, with a label like this http://www.thetanner...es/drinks/7.jpg (mine is larger and scanned so will not be as clean) how can I simply get an outline so I basically just have an empty shape which I can then play around with and get to the correct size?

Secondly, is it possible to replace one colour with another, if so how?! - I would like to pick a colour from a scan and replace it with white (I figured this is easier than deleting it). The picture in question will be something like http://www.picomouss...rm_ambiorix.jpg and I'd want to be simply removing the black and replacing it with white, then perhaps replacing the writing on the burgundy so it's solid. Again mine would be a scan so larger and not as 'clean'

any help appreciated, this will be the starting point of my label :D

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To get an empty outline of the label, Magic Wand the white surrounding the label.

Next, Edit > Invert Selection.

Make a new layer.

Then, Outline Selection with a Width of 1.

Delete the original label layer.

Save as PNG.


Outline Selection

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