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neon lights

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Step 1 - New layer.

Step 2, pick some fluorescent colors.

Step 3 - Brush some strokes covering up 30-40% of the canvas.

Step 4 - Gaussian Blur at 2 or 3

Step 5 - Effects > Photo > GLOW at 10,10,10.

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thank you-- the fault is almost certainly mine here but when I tried that the blur didn't seem to do anything and the glow just made the whole pic brighter. I was just looking to make 1 small line on the pic stand out and glow in the color I used with the brush. What am I doing wrong other than everything?

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As soon as I make the black n white/ contrast adjustments to the duplicate layer it just takes over.

All that is just to turn the top line white.

So, it's blocking the lower red line from view

and blending with the white background.

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