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Make a 3D Room / Interior Design

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Yes indeed, wonderful team. Sorry I was away from my PC for few days.

And I really apologize for that, Pixey and everyone, looks like ImageShak is not more free, when I signed in trying to address the problem, There was a messege says your 30 days free trial is finished, and you need to upgrade. and all my PDF files were blocked but not deleted, and won't show up again unless I upgrade.

Thanks EER, Doughty, TechnoRobbo and everyone.

Do you know any image hosting site that supports PDF format.?

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Imgur say they do - but also say this:


What file types are allowed?
JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XCF (GIMP). Please note that the TIFF, BMP, PDF and XCF formats will be converted to PNG on upload.
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Not really advocating Google Drive, but if what you want is an already open and easily read tutorial this looks nice and can be set to be found just to someone with a link. I put your PDF to EER in a zip so it wouldn't open and easily downloadable. I have not tried everything on this.


I think Yahoo has a similar service.


What I don't like is that if you're logged in in one Google service, you're logged in at any other Google service you have. Nice if someone can tell me how to get out of that. :)

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Do you know any image hosting site that supports PDF format.?

You could create a free outlook / skydrive account and upload files to the public folder, then simply add the url link for the file when and where needed :)

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I'm sharing files with Dropbox. Works like a folder on your HDD. Copy files to it and it syncs when you're online. Posting a link is as simple as clicking the Share button. Easy. Free.

Of course you can just attach the zipped PDF to your post. See options at the bottom of the full editor window.

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Thanks for the suggestions,


@Pixey, that is a good point, but I am not sure if the converted pages (images) of the PDF file will be compatible with the PDN forum rules,

I mean if it is possible to manage the image size during the conversion without altering the quality of the contents,


I believe the direct written tutorial in the forum pages is the best way to view it, but I am so frustrated from the image hosting sites for been changing the settings/rules every time, especially when the tutorial is being too long.


And about the Skydrive and Dropbox, I am not sure how safe is that,


@ Doughty, yes exactly, that is what I need, to view the PDF within the browser, I was able to do that before  but can't remember how or which host site I was using.


Thanks again.

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Interested in this tutorial. However, it does call for a plug-in by Curtis called Tile Image. I note, in going to the thread on same, that some of the effects in his pack are incompatible with the current version of PDN, and there doesn't appear to be a way to separate the ones that aren't compatible from the ones which may be since they're all in one .dll.


Really would prefer not to cause my PDN to explode or something.


Is there an updated version of Tile Image, or, is it now included as part of PDN? I only see Tile Reflection as a built in. I have Boltbait's Fill from Clipboard and Fill from File, as well as Madjik's Tiles Reflection XY.

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Hello Marilynx,

It works for me in latest Paint.Net



This is what Tile Image looks like in Paint.net 3.5, I guess You can use BoltBait's Fill from File. 




And this is Boltbait's Fill from Clipboard:


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Thank you very much for the tutorial. And thanks @LionsDragon for mentioning it, too. Here is my first draft:




PS. I kinda saved the example images from *hoto*ucket and sorta reuploaded them to PostImage. Maybe one of the mods or @yellowman himself would like to edit the first post & fix the broken links - you know, for inspiration ;)



EDIT: Links were added so I remove them - thank you @Pixey   



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@lynxster4 and @LionsDragon thank you but "they" are not mine - I must have been not clear enough :ghost::D 


Mine is the first one while the six thumbnails are what @yellowman added to the first post but the links are broken now. I agree they are great - so I opened their urls (tricky) and saved them to re-upload. Tutorial resurrection :P


After the links get fixed (I hope) I'll remove the thumbnails from my comment to prevent possible misunderstanding.


PS. You are kind <3

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And Thank You @Vagabondi :star: for restoring the links, which I've fixed on the first page.


Your result is so pretty.  This was one of the first tutorials I did when I first started with PDN :)

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