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Hi, I'm trying to make a progress wheel (in example, the little wheel that appears instead when windows vista/7 is busy) and I could use a few tips on how to get started on my design. Basically I'm trying to make it a glowing red spark that covers about 2/3 of a circle and is bright at the top and fades out at the bottom.

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We're not here to do your work for you. But, if you show us what you got so far, we'll offer suggestions and point you in the right direction.

Here is some interesting reading on the subject: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/2932- (Specifically #23)

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thanks for letting me know.

Here's the little bit I have. I've tried several things so far, but none of them have worked, so I resorted to my basic shape.


I want to make the spark glowing red, with the tip orange to white in such a way that it looks like its burning really bright.

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You might be able to adapt what's shown in this

tutorial to get part of the result you want.


Thanks, it looks like I'll be able to tweak that effect up to get what I want for the body of the line (currently its to white for what I wanted). I haven't been able to play around with it yet, but I'll let you know if/when that work.

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