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how can I make objects "disappear" from table

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I am trying to create a stop motion mini-movie music vid. Much of it involves figures on a table. As I prop them up in some scenes I need to blend the thing I use to prop them in with the wood color. I am not the village idiot in general but if anyone could answer simply and step by step as though speaking to a child (or total newbster) I give my heartfelt thanx--peace.

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I guess just take a picture of the table , empty.

If that's not feasible now because it would disrupt

the current production status, then wait until you

come to a point when having the table empty is no problem

and fix it all as post production editing.

when I erase now I just see the default white and grey blocks where I erase.

So, the idea is to have the empty table image as the lower layer and use the eraser on the upper layer.

That way the empty table will be there instead of the gray-and-white pattern when the top layer has parts erased.

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thanks for ur help-I just figured out layers a little better and ur answer makes perfect sense now. My editing may be a bit rough but at least there isn't clearly a book suddenly on the table holding up a character. You have helped my scenes progress from laughable to amateur. This is improvement!

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