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Misc Contest IV: Screensaver

Simon Brown

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Deadline: 18th June 23:59 GMT (The time now)

If I don't close it immediately, consider the time until I do a grace period.

The object of this competition is to create a frame or animation of a screensaver in Paint.NET. If you want to post an animation, either post an animated GIF or upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.


  • Image/frames must be created in Paint.NET
  • Stock must be linked to.
  • If you want to create parts of your entry in other programs, upload it separately and link to it as if it were stockt
  • Images must not have been published before, although psuedo-stock can.
  • Feel free to edit your entry, but only post one.
  • This thread is for entries only, discuss the competition in this thread.

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