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Possible to do this?

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I am learning to draw my own sprites for use in mobile java game. However, I meet with some problems right from the start. I have downloaded some programs like GIMP and Paint.NET but I do not know the tactics to draw a sprite. If you are wondering what sprite image I wanted to create, here is a reference.

http://spritedatabase.net/objects/2/1591/Sprite/FEDS_Knight.png <--- needed to zoom in.

Looking at it carefully, the zoomed images has something like a 3D-texture to it. I wanted to draw something like that from the scratch but I do not know how to start drawing properly with the pencil tool, zoom and so on. I need some advices. I tried zooming in the page as far as I can and slowly draw the structure of a face for a start but still it is not getting me anywhere close to my goal. I read some online tutorials and most of them use ready-made sprites, cut and paste some parts and modify it (mostly, the youtube videos). Then, they said that it is created (kinda a rip-off and modified type). The closest tutorial that can possibly help me in my goal is this:


But still not many of them tell me how to start off drawing a sprite. I am referring to the tactics of drawing. How do I start off drawing that knight?? How do I draw the outline of the knight as nicely as the one I posted? I needed some start-off advices on tactics to drawing a sprite. If you guys have some links to tutorials or some videos link to drawing sprite, please tell me. I just wanted to take a look at how you guys draw a sprite using a paint software. Just the starting part of the drawing process will do. Something perhaps like some rectangles or lines put in first as a reference for you to draw your sprites while you start drawing off the outline or structure of a face or a character. (Maybe some advices on how to do shading too.)

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You cannot post in HTML here...

Sorry but if I wanted to attach some pictures not my own for reader-reference, it is against the copyright, is it? I thought by posting html of the original site, I can omit the credit parts of the pictures because readers are reading from the actual site. I have no better idea to give you guys the reference. Or use imageshack?? (<-- still url) So may I know how to give you guys the reference?? Or I save the pics and add as thumbnails and then type out the credits??

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