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working with paint bucket?!

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Hope someone can help me with this:

I want to use the paint bucket in a way that when you ad a new layer (let say a picture of car) before the already existing background (also one or more layers), that when I use the paint bucket that the surrounding white area (from the picture of the car) is adopting the format and color of the background!

The first times I worked with the program, I managed to do this in some way. But after a while it didn't work for me anymore! Now, when I use the paint bucket (and I choose the color picker to select the layout and color of the background layers) he just picks the color I select (example one color blue) instead of the real background.

What am I doing wrong, did I do something wrong in the configurations of the program?

Thanks for helping!

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If you're removing a relatively uniform background color, and the wand + tolerance settings are not doing a perfect job, then have a look at the Alphaspace plugin or the Grim Color Reaper plugin.

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