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How to make glass object


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

How to make glass object

It's a simple tutorial how to make objects from photos to glass like this


or this


This description in Russian

Let's start.

1. Take an picture on a transparent background


2. Select the image and apply adjustment «Brightness /Contrast», to make the image more contrast.


3. Apply the effect «Gaussian blur» tо the selected image. Radius 5.


4. Apply the effect «Emboss» tо the selected image.


5. Apply the adjustment «Curves» tо the selected image.



That’s all! You can make the outline clearer if you apply the AA's Asistant and/or DropShadow.


You can change color with the effect Monochrome Ink on Paper.


You can change the background. Set the layer blending mode to «Multiply» in this case.


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Very nice effect - I like very much! Good job.

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Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? This is what I get when I apply Emboss (from the Effects - Stylize menu), set at default 0 angle. Actualy, all angle options on the dial result in this.


Since I can't find a way to delete this post, I want to mention that I think I figured it out. I needed to go through the curves step. Also, in order to exclude the background, I had to use the magic wand. I still need more practice with the magic wand, but I think I'm beginning to see how it's often used in creations such as this.


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Great tutorial. I know @xmario hasn't been around for quite a while, but I still want to express my thanks. I used this tutorial years ago to make glass figurines of my family and everybody loved the resulting composition. It will be interesting to see fellow members turn their pets into glass figurines and post the results here.


I have been playing with these for three days now and having a lot of fun.

I used Gradient Grid for the pattern on glass block before blurring. Both sunflower images were rotated and then I used Trail before Emboss and Curves. 






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