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Why aint this breaking?


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EDIT: Nevermind...I see why...but can someone tell me why that at all values of val other than 0, it returns zeros to the col2.A, R, B, and G?

void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect)
   Rectangle selection = this.EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(dst.Bounds).GetBoundsInt();
   int ceiling = selection.Bottom;
   int val=0; //TO be TOKEN'd
   ColorBgra col2 = src[1, 1]; //get a guaranteed base
   ColorBgra col = src[1, 1]; //get a guaranteed base
   col.A=0; //token
   col.R=255; //token
   col.B=255; //token
   col.G=255; //token
   for(int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++)
       for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++)
           dst[x, y] = col;
           if (y+(x / val) < ceiling) {
               double val2 = (y+(x / val));
               double tpx = Math.Floor(val2);
               double bpx = Math.Ceiling(val2);
               double topmean = (val2 - tpx);
               double bottommean = (bpx - val2);
               double tA = (double)(src[x, (int)(tpx)].A);
               double tR = (double)(src[x, (int)(tpx)].R);
               double tB = (double)(src[x, (int)(tpx)].;
               double tG = (double)(src[x, (int)(tpx)].G);
               double bA = (double)(src[x, (int)(bpx)].A);
               double bR = (double)(src[x, (int)(bpx)].R);
               double bB = (double)(src[x, (int)(bpx)].;
               double bG = (double)(src[x, (int)(bpx)].G);
                   tA *= topmean;
                   tR *= topmean;
                   tB *= topmean;
                   tG *= topmean;
                   bA *= bottommean;
                   bR *= bottommean;
                   bB *= bottommean;
                   bG *= bottommean;
                   tA += bA;
                   tR += bR;
                   tB += bB;
                   tG += bG;
                   col2.A = (byte)(Math.Round(tA));
                   col2.R = (byte)(Math.Round(tR));
                   col2.B = (byte)(Math.Round(tB));
                   col2.G = (byte)(Math.Round(tG));
                   dst[x, y] = col2;

               //dst[x, y] = src[x, y+(x/val)];

I'm new to this.

At least tell me why it's returning zeroes.


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